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The short version is that I was born in Pittsburgh, left home for college at 18, then lived for 25 years in Los Angeles and New York, working as a writer and journalist. Now I’ve come back to Pittsburgh. I’m not sure what my life here will be like. In a sense, I’m starting over. At times, I feel like I’m on a familiar stage, but with a different cast and a new plot.

Okay: The above was written a couple years ago. Since then, much has changed in my life, and much hasn’t. As to the former: I got married, my wife and I bought a swell 1912 Craftsman home in Edgewood, and our lovely daughter was born in the summer of ’13. As to the latter: I’m still trying to find my new place in my old hometown. Still spinning out creative ideas, but haven’t yet figured out my path. And while I started this blog to have somewhere to post my photos and some thoughts about the city and my life in it, it seems clear to me now that this in’t the time for me to have a meaningful blog. I’ve never gotten many visitors here (mostly family and friends), and I don’t know much about “promoting” a blog, especially as my goals with it were always so vague. What would I be “promoting”? And an update of photos and casual thoughts every couple weeks –or months — has only lead to some pretty random posts and not much visual or philosophical coherence. So I’ve now (as Spring ’14 dawns) gone back and rearranged my photos more or less by theme and subject, and I’ll add new ones  to the various headings here and there, time to time. But what I really need to do, outside the realm of this blog,  is come up with a focused idea for a photo essay or book, and start getting my photos out into the world through other means. If possible. In the meantime, please take a look from time to time–or all at once–and maybe you’ll see an image you like. Let me know about that, or anything else. Thanks. –Josh, March 2014


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  1. I am not a prodigal as I have only returned to my hometown for visits, but your site and lovely photos fills me with all kinds of Pittsburghian nostalgia. Thank you!

  2. Dear Sir!
    My name is emanuel stadler and I am Austrian. I am living in the town of Radenthein, about 6.000 inhabitants at the border to italy. I am very interessted in local history. By occassion I foond your pictures of Allegheny Cemetery (winter Palace).

    What you wrote there has a lot of coincidences of an Emil Winter, founder of a magnisite plant (1908) in our town. Since long I looked for someone who can tell me something about him. I only have some facts, which you may proof if he is the man in the winter palace. He founded the plant in 1908 and the company has been called Austrian American magnesite company. Today the bigest magnesite company in the world called RHI. He has been German, coming from Darmstadt or Düsseldorf, and emigrated to Pittsburgh. He should have been married with Mary, she died in 1928 or 29. In behalf of her name he founded in our town the Kindergarden. As he was half (or less)jewish he lost the company in the Hitler time. He should has had a son (perhaps Dwight named) who got the plant after the war, but he sold it to the GREFCO company. It is called that the son was philantropic and not interessted in business, but butterflies. Untill now Emil Winter is a man of honor in our town history and there is also a bust of him in our Majorshouse. If you are interessted I send you a foto.
    That is all for the moment, I hope for an answer.
    sincerely yours
    Emanuel Stadler

    As the tombe on the picture seems in order, there must someone who takes care on it. May you please help me to get a kind of connection?

    There are some pictures of the town in the internet. I myself made a tale called “Radentheinmärchen”

    • Emanuel,

      I know everything there is to know about Emil Winter, while he was in Radenthein and after he arrived in Pittsburgh. I also know about his association with Pittsburgh Steel, I.G. Farben, and an Austrian chemist who invented the magnesium process used at a plant at Radentheim.

      I don’t know if the magnesium plant in Radentheim is still there, but I would be interested in photos of Mr. Winter, his son, Dwight, and the plant.

      I also know that someone tried to forge a letter supposedly written by Mr. Winter which pretended that Winter had nothing to do with I.G. Farben although he did. Maybe Dwight asked the I.G. Farben employee to write that letter. Many I.G. Farben employees were Nazis and I don’t think it was healthy to be associated with I.G. Farben after the war.

      The U.S. Army would not have taken that too lightly. In fact, they might have tried him (the son, not the father. The father died in 1941) at the German War Crimes Tribunal and executed him…. even if he was part Jewish.

      Contact me… We have a lot to discuss.

      – Bill Streifer

  3. Hi Josh –

    Just took a quick stroll through Pittsburgh (or, at least, Pittsburgh through your camera lens). Your photos are really quite beautiful. And, as always, your writing is interesting and lovely. Thank you. I hope you are doing well and your wife and baby are enjoying these last months of unity. Pregnancy is the fun part of parenting. Then it’s all about separation (do I sound like the parent of teen boys?) Great to catch up with you via the blog.

    • Jen, Thanks so much for your kind words. And yes, wife (Abby) and baby are enjoying these months –yet there’s also the sense that the transition to what’s next will happen in a… timely fashion.

  4. Love this Josh. Photos and the writing are wonderful. And of course that Baby! Funny, I find myself back in Pittsburgh after 10 years in LA. Yes, same stage but new cast and plot. Thank goodness!
    All the best to you and your family.

  5. Josh,
    It has been many years…..I saw your marriage announcement in the “class notes” section of the Shadtside Magazine. Congratulations to you and your new family!!
    I have not lived in Pittsburgh since I left for college in the fall of 81.
    I do miss the times we all spent together and think of our group of friends often. The picture of Flag Staff Hill brought back fond memories of summer nights spent together….cook-outs, frisbee, warm beer from “piggies”
    and the freedom of youth!
    I live just south of Philadelphia in Media, Pa with my wife Cathy, my sone Jake 14 and my daughter Jessica 7.
    I am an architect at D2CA in king of Prussia, Pa working on too many projects for a stress free life.
    I’m still playing men’s league hockey and coaching my son’s travel team.
    Please say hi to anyone that you still keep in touch with in the Pittsburgh area for me.
    Email me back with a Josh Moony update to fill in the missing years.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Eric Olds

  6. Josh, I feel stupid, but have you contacted me about your home? I’m not where I can access my files, but your house came up on an internet search. I am most interested in getting quality photos of the house to add to my book “Stickley’s Craftsman Homes.” I was recently contacted about another version of No. 78 in the Pittsburgh area and perhaps I can hook you folks up…or it is you. The houses look very similar. Anyway, do get in touch with me if you can!


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